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Welcome to the Panopta FortiMonitor help docs site. Take a look around, and if you can’t find a solution, feel free to contact your account manager or our support team.

If you’re just starting out with PanoptaFortiMonitor, you can do some set up yourself, or schedule a call with us and we’ll get you started on the right path. What works for some doesn’t necessarily work for all, we’re happy to advise about best monitoring configuration and practices.


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Monitoring Approach 

Panopta FortiMonitor allows you to monitor your public and private infrastructure using 3 different dimensions of monitoring. Using all 3 dimensions together allows you to correlate different types of events/incidents across your infrastructure. 

  1. Monitor publicly accessible servers and services using our globally distributed monitoring probe network. Test for uptime, performance, and synthetic transactions from any of our 50+ PoPs.

  2. Use the Panopta FortiMonitor OnSight vCollector to achieve the same in-depth monitoring and secure reach servers and devices from behind your firewall.

  3. Install our Server Agent to collect key operating system health and application performance metrics and be alerted when different thresholds are breached.