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The Panopta API enables full feature parity between what you can do manually or through our API. To make it easy to use, we have implemented a Swagger based API explorer to allow you to visually inspect and interact with the various API endpoints before writing any code. To get there, start by visiting the API Key Management section.

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Click on one of the existing API tokens orĀ create a new one. This will take you to a page which looks like the below:

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Your API key should be pre-filled in the upper right hand corner. This will automatically send your key to each request you attempt through the UI.

By clicking on Show/Hide for any of the listed categories you should see a list of all the operations that the category supports.

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To see more details and any one operation you can click on that operation.

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This detailed view will give you all the information you need to understand how the objects are constructed and what variables you will be working with. The detailed view also give you the option to set configure the parameter and content type of your response.

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The Try it out! button will run the request with the given configuration and show the response below

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