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Getting the Panopta OnSight AMI up and running on AWS is simple and quick to accomplish.
First log into your AWS account and switch to the EC2 console.

Then, you will need to choose the Panopta AMI from the marketplace. Switch to AWS Marketplace, then search for Panopta, and select the Panopta OnSight for AWS AMI.

Select your instance size and move on to ‘Review and Launch’

On this screen you can select ‘Edit Security Groups’ and configure a security group as pictured below

The only ports that need to be open are SSH, HTTPS and port 8443/TCP.

Select your key pair from the dropdown, launch the instance and wait for it to boot.
Once booted you can SSH into the appliance via the user ‘ubuntu’ and get the appliance key from the MOTD as shown below.
Note: If your appliance shows no OnSight Key or lists it as ‘Unknown’, you may need to log out and back in to generate the key. This only occurs on the first login.

Once you have the appliance key you can continue normally in the Panopta control panel for adding an appliance.

Because port 443 is now open for this AMI you can also administer the instance via the web console and appliance key using the guide here.

When logging into the web console make sure to use the username ‘admin’ and the appliance key you obtained from the SSH prompt MOTD.

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