FortiMonitor allows you to monitor your public and private infrastructure using three different dimensions of monitoring. Using all three dimensions together allows you to correlate different types of events/incidents across your infrastructure and stack.

  • Monitor publicly accessible servers and services using our globally distributed monitoring probe network. Test for uptime, performance and synthetic transactions from any of our 50+ PoP’s.

  • Use the FortiMonitor OnSight vCollector to achieve the same in-depth monitoring and secure reach servers and devices from behind your firewall.

  • Install our Server Agent to collect key operating system health and application performance metrics and be alerted when different thresholds are reached.

No Unaddressed outages

FortiMonitor believes that any outage should be addressed, whether its because a server is slow, a threshold is too sensitive, or the network is finicky. For example, if a threshold is too sensitive, change it to alert when a problem is really happening. If you get an alert, it should be actionable. If you get used to seeing outages in your dashboard, you’ll get alert fatigue.

No Persistent Alerts

Another aspect of the above, is that FortiMonitor won’t continue to alert you on the same outage until someone responds. FortiMonitor only sends alerts that you have configured in your Alert Timeline. If you want to continue to receive alerts after an outage to remind you, you’ll need to factor that into your configuration.

FortiMonitor is an extension of your team

FortiMonitor wants to understand your job, your business, and your needs. Have an idea for a plugin we don’t have yet? Let’s build it together! Have a complex check that needs to be run and you aren’t sure if we can handle it? Let’s find a solution! Are we missing some functionality you think could help? Let us know. 80% of our feature development is customer-driven, so let us know and we’ll give you a timeline for when we can have it for you.