Apply tags

Apply tags to an instance 

Instance tagging is helpful for organization and instance selection - starting maintenance windows, running reports, or generating dashboards. Heartbeat tags can also be added to Agent and OnSight-based instances. 

There are several ways to tag an instance:

  • During Agent installation – Using the Agent oneliner during installation, the tags parameter can be used to apply tags to an instance.


  • Using monitoring policies – The Add Tags action can be used in monitoring policy rulesets.

  • Using the manifest file – Using the tags field will allow you to add tags to your server. This can be set to any value but would need to be comma-separated to indicate different tags. 

Apply tags to metrics

This is helpful when you want to pull reports or build dashboards based on checks with specific tags. 

User dashboard tags 

User and dashboard tags are used to restrict users from accessing certain dashboards. When creating a dashboard, use the Limit by tag access level. Dashboard access will be limited by which tags are set on this dashboard and tags set on a user. The tag filter uses OR logic when matching dashboard tags and user tags.

To create dashboards, see Build live Dashboards.

To add users, see Add users to your account


Add tags to templates

Tags added to a template will automatically be applied to instances that use the template. To add tags to a template, configure the template by performing the steps detailed in Configure a new or existing template

Apply templates using tags

You can apply a template to multiple instances by using the Apply by Tag option from a template's details page. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the page of the template that you want to use and click the 3-dot menu Apply by Tag.


    A modal will open where you can select a Match Type and enter tags that you want to use. 


  2. Select a Match Type.

    1. Match all tags – The template will be applied to instances that match ALL of the tags entered.

    2. Match any tag – The template will be applied to instances that match at least one of the tags entered. 

  3. Enabling the option Continually add new metrics on data collection will enable this option for all of the instances where the template will be applied.

  4. Select Apply Template.

Apply tags to network device ports

Tagging individual ports can provide a dynamic way to query or filter ports in a network device. For example, you can add the HTTP tag to all of the ports dedicated to HTTP to make the ports searchable from the Monitoring Config tab. When you use the tag (in this case, HTTP) to query the ports, only the ports tagged with HTTP will be listed. It's also convenient for limiting and grouping series in dashboards. To tag network device ports, see Tag a network device port.