Apply server templates

There are a few ways you can apply a template to your server: during instance creation, manually on an existing instance, during Agent installation using the Agent manifest file, and as a default setting for instance groups.  

Apply a template manually from the Instance Details page

You can manually apply a template to an instance by performing the following steps:

  1. Select Apply Template from the Instance Details page.

    A modal will open, allowing you to select which template you would like to apply to the server.

  2. Click Apply Template. 
    The metrics created by applying the template will have a template icon next to their name.

Apply a template manually from the template's page 

You can apply templates to multiple servers by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to the page of the template that you want to use and click the 3-dot menu > Apply by Server.

    A modal will open allowing you to select the servers and server groups that you would like to apply the template to.

  2. Select the servers or server groups that you want to apply the template to then click Apply Template. 
    A confirmation modal will appear. 

  3. Select Apply Template on the modal to apply the template to the selected servers.

Apply a template during initial instance configuration 

When adding an instance manually (not with the automated Agent method), one of the steps is to choose a template to apply to this new server.

If you choose to use this method, the checks, thresholds, alert timelines, and anything on the template will be applied to the server upon creation.

Apply a template during Agent installation 

When using the Agent manifest file during Agent installation, you can specify a template to use in the manifest file. You can read more about the manifest file in this article.

Apply a template to an instance group 

You can apply a default template to an instance group by selecting the group from the Instances tree in the left drawer.

Now that you are on the group's page, you can edit the group to apply a default template. This way, any servers added to the group in the future will automatically have this template applied to them as well.

Enabling the option Continually add new metrics on data collection while editing the list of templates to apply also enables this option for all of the instances in the group.

Metric override when applying templates 

The Metric Override option allows you to override metric settings defined from a previously applied template. Enabling the option removes the metric's association with its original template and configures the metric based on the new template. 

To enable the option, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Instance Details page of the template that you want to edit, select the Monitoring Config tab.

  2. In the row of the metric that you would like to set the override on, click the 3-dot menu on the right side. Select Edit.

  3. Select the Metric Override checkbox

  4. Select Save.

  5. Apply the template to the desired instances. The metric will be added, overriding any metrics previously added from other templates.