OnSight discovery

The OnSight auto-discovery tool allows you to add new instances to your infrastructure based on configurable discovery rulesets. Using these rulesets, you can set which IP ranges to scan for instances, the scan frequency, and the ports to scan. 

Add auto-discovery rules

Once your OnSight has been installed, you can add discovery rules by performing the following steps:

  1. From an OnSight vCollector's page, select Edit
    The OnSight's configuration drawer will slide out.

  2. Expand the Auto-discovery module.
    This section allows you to add Discovery Rulesets and choose to whom new server discovery alerts will be sent.

There are a number of variables for server and network device discovery rules.



IP range to scan

The IP range to autodetect on, written in CIDR notation, e.g.,

Re-scan frequency (minutes)

This is how many minutes the automatic discovery will wait before rescanning your network for new servers or changes. Enter 0 for a one-time scan. 10 mins is the lowest frequency allowed.

Ports to Scan

Select the ports to scan.

Other ports to scan

A comma-separated list of other ports you'd like to scan.

Discover servers

Enable the option to allow the OnSight to discover the servers in your network.

Discover network devices

Enable the option to allow the OnSight to discover network devices in your network. The OnSight will try each of the SNMP credentials you have configured in Panopta when discovering devices and retrieving device information.

Automatically add newly discovered instances

Enable the option to automatically add the discovered instances to Panopta.

For network devices, an SNMP discovery will be started to find and provision hardware metrics.

Send notification when new instances are discovered

Enable the option to send a notification when new instances are discovered. Once the option is enabled, you can select one or more users. 

Once the discovery has run, you can find the discovered servers under the Discovered Instances tab of the OnSight page.

Add discovered instances

Checking the boxes next to the desired instance and clicking Add Instance will automatically add the selected instances to your account. To add multiple instances, select the instances you want to add then click Add Instance. In the Add Device modal that appears, you can configure the following fields:



Instance Name

Optionally change the name of the discovered instance.

Device Type

Set the device type of the discovered instance.

  • Discovered instance type – Use whichever device type was discovered by the OnSight network discovery.

  • Server – This option sets the device type to Server and overwrites the device type discovered by the OnSight network discovery.

  • Network Device with SNMP credential – Sets the device type to Network Device and overwrites the device type discovered by the OnSight network discovery.

Services to Monitor

Shows the services found by the OnSight network discovery.


Select the template to apply to the instance.

Instance Group

Select the group where you want to add the instance.


View monitored instances

Open the Monitored Instances tab to see all of the servers, endpoints, and devices monitored by the OnSight.