Access the OnSight web console


This function has been deprecated from OnSight version r2020.70 onwards. Please refer to Manage and configure your OnSight vCollector for newer instructions.

Your OnSight web console allows you to reboot/shutdown, update, and view logs associated with your OnSight.

To access the web console:

  1. Navigate to the OnSight's Instance Details page and select the IP Address.

  2. Enter the following credentials:

    • Username: admin

    • Password: <OnSight key>
      Successfully logging in will open the OnSight Console.

On this page, you can check for upgrades, download logs, reboot or shutdown your OnSight. You can also enable your OnSight to become an Agent proxy. This is useful for servers which are behind your firewall and have no outbound public internet access. Instead, you can install the Panopta agent on those servers and set the aggregator URL in their config files to your local OnSight.

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