FortiMonitor Agent

The FortiMonitor Agent is a local monitoring utility that is deployed directly on your physical server, VM, or cloud server. It allows you to monitor your server’s resources, processes, and services. The FortiMonitor Agent also supports several plugins to monitor applications like web servers, databases, caches, and so forth. It is also extensible, allowing you to customize it to meet your own needs. 

The FortiMonitor Agent can be used to monitor applications running on your servers such as Apache, Cassandra, SQL Server, and more. The Agent is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Unix.

Benefits of using the FortiMonitor Agent

The main benefit of running the monitoring agent on servers and virtual machines is the correlation of data and root-cause detection. By checking servers and services from the collectors/probes, you’re able to perform outcome detection and measure network/application latency. Running the monitoring agent allows you to correlate internal server health and application performance metrics to those outcomes. Some examples include:

  • Application latency being related to increased connections on the related database node

  • Database commits/checkpoints taking longer than usual due to high disk I/O on the node

This basically gives you the what and the why part of the equation which is important for proactive monitoring and root cause resolution.On this page

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